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Le Sahara à Vol d'Oiseau

Moula-Moula offers an extensive survey of the Algerian Sahara through a unique series of aerial photographs shot from a private plane especially hired for Alain Sèbe. These images are the only artistic aerial views of the Algerian Sahara available to date. The bird’s eye view reveals the richness and diversity of the Sahara and in doing so helps understand the struggle to survive in a hostile environment. It brings the magic of oceans of dunes but also shows the harsh life of these desert-dwellers who live on their ‘shores’ and have to fight against invading waves of sand. Astonishing panoramas in the Hoggar or details of the beehive-like architecture of the M’Zab (listed Unesco World Heritage) give the reader an unforgettable insight into the largest desert of the world and its inhabitants.

Available in French (Alain Sèbe Images, Vidauban) and in German (Schillinger verlag, Freiburg im Breisgau).
216 pp., 33 x 33 cm (13 x 13 in), 105 aerial views in colour of the Algerian Sahara, out of which 35 reproduced full-size, featuring landscapes, sceneries and everyday life in the areas of M’Zab, Saoura, Touat-Gourara, Hoggar and Tassili N’Ajjer. € 53.00