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Sahara au jour le jour
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The magic of the desert throughout a year...

Deserts have always inspired the greatest poets, writers and artists, and has attracted travellers and explorers like a magnet. In this book, Alain and Berny Sèbe share their passion for the greatest desert on earth, the Sahara, through almost four hundred photographs taken during their expeditions in no less than six of the major Saharan countries (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocc, Mauritania, Tunisia). These photographs come accompanied with select quotations of all periods, taken from work forming Saharan literature in French, English, German, Spanish and Arabic (including local proverbs). With a quotation and a breath-taking photograph for each day of the year, this book shows the inexhaustible diversity of this desert, and offers a unique insight into the multi-faceted cultures and landscapes of the Sahara.


Available in French (Editions de La Martinière, Paris).
504 pp., 21,5 x 21,5 cm (8.5 x 8.5 in) - 377 colour photographs including 64 full spread and 43 double spread -
366 quotations - introductory essay - bibliography - index of authors - hardback cover. € 29,90.


© Photos Alain Sèbe & Berny Sèbe 2010