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Le Sahara des tassilis
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"Le Sahara des tassilis" conveys the reader to a travel into the dramatic landscapes of the tassilis, these sandstone plateaux of southern Algeria, residues of a sedimentary layer thrown up by lava in the Pleistocene era. The winds have sometimes turned them a web of polished hills and outcrops like castles and cathedrals. Issoulane reveals a unique environment with which Alain Sèbe had become intimate after months of ceaseless walks. One sees how shadows dart on the narrow natural corridors, perceives the movements of light and dark on wind-sculpted sandstone, or discovers a tree that has fought to survive in the shelter of a cliff. A few black and white photographs of Tuareg nomads give a human dimension to this immersion in one of the most beautiful areas of the Sahara.


Available in French (Editions de La Martinière, Paris).
216 pp., 33 x 33 cm (13 x 13 in), 94 colour and BW photos (73 full spread and 20 double spread) featuring landscapes, sceneries, portraits and everyday life in the desert.
Introductory essay. Map. Hardback cover and slipcase. € 45.00