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The Atlantic to the Nile

Like the sea, the desert evokes entirely new emotions, it transforms the traveller and changes the body and soul. This selection of the best pictures by Alain Sèbe & Berny Sèbe reveal some of the fascination for this immense expanse straddling the Tropic of Cancer and running from the Atlantic Ocean to the Nile Valley. This journey covers ovre thre thousand miles as the crow flies –from Layoun in Morocco to Aswan in Egypt and crossing Tunisia, Algeria and the lands of Libya. With the text by Berny Sèbe these Images combine to create a truly stunning picture of the Sahara - its people, the tribes, languages, costumes landscape and fantastic light.

Available in English (Hachette Illustrated, London), in French (Editions du Chene, Hachette Livre, Paris) and in German (Besler Verlag, Stuttgart).
192 pp., 26 x 31 cm (10" x 12,5"), 163 colour photographs, out of which 64 reproduced full-size and 24 double-pages, map.
Hardback, jacket.

£ / € 19.00 (please see below)


The book Sahara, The Atlantic to the Nile is available directly from Berny Sèbe, who is based in Oxford (UK), at the special price of £ 19.00 (including p&p within the UK). Berny has a limited number of copies available at this discounted price.

To order, please send your cheque made payable to Berny Sèbe and drawn on any UK bank to the following address:

Dr Berny Sèbe
22 Abbey Road
Oxford OX2 0AE
E-mail b.c.sebe [at]

Orders will be sent within a week (except in August).

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